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closing in network marketing

The Secret to Closing in Network Marketing

Today, I want to talk to you about the process of getting people involved with your company…  getting people involved with your products or service or business opportunity…  also known as closing. The secret to closing people is very simple. I can teach you exactly what to say. I can teach you how to say […]

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3 Tips To Simplify Tax Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for entrepreneurs… Tax Time!! NOT! If you’re in business, you need to treat your business like a REAL business… not like a garage sale! These 3 tips really have helped me to be better prepared for tax season.

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4 Common Things That Are Keeping You From Healthy Eating

Changing eating habits is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience. In most of the cases, you might even have to deal with certain obstacles. These barriers come in the way of you trying to make a healthy change, and what happens… your brain tries to drag you in the opposite direction! However, […]

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How To Calculate Your Calories for Body Beast

Documents mentioned in video : Body Beast Calorie Calculator Body Beast Nutrition Tracker  

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Download P90X for Free?

Download P90X? Download Insanity? Download 21 Day Fix? Now You Can! (legally)

Do you live in the shadows of fitness? You know what I mean… that guy or girl who is always looking for the cheapest way to do everything? “Let me look online to see where I can download P90X.”

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Natural Remedies for Curing Pains and Aches

Natural Remedies for 6 Common Aches and Ailments

There is no telling when your body can give you some major pains and aches. You might wake up with a sore throat all the while getting ready for a major presentation. You might even suffer from indigestion while dressing up for a party. However, there are a few great natural remedies to cure these […]

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Do You Know What Residual Income Is?

Not too long ago, I asked the question on Facebook, “Do you know what residual income is?” I got a TON of very interesting responses. Most, however, were focused on the “traditional” way of earning a residual income (from an invention, a song, investor, etc). In this video I’m going to explain how an “everyday, […]

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