4 Common Things That Are Keeping You From Healthy Eating

apple chocolateChanging eating habits is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience. In most of the cases, you might even have to deal with certain obstacles. These barriers come in the way of you trying to make a healthy change, and what happens… your brain tries to drag you in the opposite direction! However, it is important that you make all the effort to stay on track. Here are a few things that you may experience while trying to get in the habit of healthy eating:

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when you start eating a lot or more often, not necessarily because you are hungry, but due to other reasons. These reasons could include depression, stress, loneliness, or sadness. Food is also sometimes used for the purpose of rewarding oneself and it can provide you with the best distraction to your problems and soothe you. Ever hear of “comfort food”?

When you eat emotionally, you stray away from the natural signals of your body.

How can you overcome this? You can cut down on this habit by keeping a daily journal so that you can record your eating habits and the reasons for those habits.

Easy Access To Unhealthy Food

chips junk foodEating healthy is not easy when you have easy access to snacks, fast food, and processed foods. But the truth is, you could also find healthier options in places where these unhealthy options are available. For instance, at a fast food restaurant, you could order some side salad instead of going for fries.

Having healthy snacks around can also keep you from getting hungry when you are out and about. Some of my favorites are things like “food bars”. These bars are not “protein bars” but rather whole foods… Think trail mix stuck together. 🙂

No Time

When you have little or no time, there is a higher chance of you straying from eating healthy or buying healthy food for yourself. However, you should know that eating healthy doesn’t require a lot of your time. A healthy meal can be made as quickly as a meal that is unhealthy. All that is required is a little planning.

You can also look for help from your coworkers or friends who you know eat healthy on a regular basis. Get plenty of recipes for healthy meals that can be made quickly.

Need help in this area? Request to join our FREE 7- Day Clean Eating Group. We provide a meal plan, recipes and the support to begin healthy changes in your life!

Confusing Information

Some of the information that we come across might be confusing for us. The internet can become a blackhole of information.

For instance, if it says that a cookie is low in fat, that would not necessarily mean that it is low in calories and sugar as well. Some potato chip bags might also say that they are free from cholesterol, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that these potato chips are low in salt, calories, fat or even good for you at all! This is why it is SUPER important that you read the nutrition label for food items… and even MORE importantly, make sure you read the ingredient list.

Overcoming these obstacles can be challenging. But with the right support system and changing things gradually over time, you will be more likely to have success in changing your eating habits!

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