6-Day HallowLEAN Smoothie Challenge

6-day-HallowLEAN challenge

Halloween, the unofficial start of the holiday festivities and indulgences, is almost here… coupled with cold weather, less physical outdoor activities (walking, running, biking, hiking, etc) and the ease of throwing on an extra layer to stay warm (and ‘hide our flaws’) and it’s not really a surprise that most people gain weight during the holiday season.

Well,  not me… and not YOU! Not this year!

If you’ve fallen off track with your health goals or just want a fun challenge to help you stay on track with achieving better health & fitness, my 6-day HallowLEAN Smoothie Challenge is for YOU!

JUMPSTART your Metabolism


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In this 6-Day HallowLEAN Smoothie Challenge, you can jumpstart your metabolism with Clean Eating + My Secret Sauce-Superfood-Flat Abs-Making Smoothies.

You will FINALLY get to TASTE test a variety of flavors of Shakeology and experience the health benefits without committing to a full month!!

Try some of these fun, fall, festive smoothie recipes, increase your ENERGY naturally, connect with a positive & encouraging community of women, and score a FREE meal plan that has helped my clients lose an average 5-6 lbs and more importantly, break their sugar addictions in just 6 days!


And, YES, we will be EATING chew-able foods too!! Our smoothie sampling is just ONE of our meals each day!

6-day Meal Plan Recipes

6-day Meal Plan Recipes


During the six days, with me as your FREE COACHgiving you all I’ve got – all the tools -all the resources – all the tips – and ensuring your love for good healthy foods rises and you have an experience like no other, we will be:

  • Replacing one meal a day with a smoothie recipe provided
  • Exercise at least 5 days for at least 30 minutes (walking, jogging, biking, Beachbody home workout, gym, your choice! Just get moving!)
  • Eat healthy, nutrient dense meals 90% of the time. You can browse the private VIP group for recipe ideas and full meal plans- I promise they are yummy and family approved so there’s no need to make multiple meals for picky eaters!
  • Drink at least 64 oz. of water per day
  • Weigh in only on days 1, 4 and 7 (for 6 full days of nutrition and exercise)

Jessica’s 6-Day Client Testimonials

What do YOU get out of this?

  • Begin to feel the benefits of your superfood smoothie and the energy it gives you! 🙂
  • A private Facebook group for Accountability, Support and new friends.
  • Workout routine plans plus encouragement!
  • Clean eating guidelines, tons of healthy and delicious recipes.
  • A healthy routine that sets the wheels in motion for a healthier lifestyle and a lean holiday season 🙂
  • Weight loss is an added bonus, the real benefit is in the foundation you lay and the nutrients your body will be getting to keep you healthy this fall/winter season.
  • Bonus access to my free #kitchenkures natural remedy recipes.
  • THIS SPECIAL SMOOTHIE kit is only available through me … and ONLY $35!!!

14225469_1169253956471129_4679336303726404551_nI am going OVERBOARD designing each 6-Day HallowLEAN Smoothie Challenge Kit

1) a variety of smoothie packets
2) a smoothie shaker cup
3) recipes
4) a bonus fun ingredient to make a fun fall smoothie recipe!
5) Free meal plan
6) Free workout plan (*optional)

$35 paid via Paypal!!!

“Smoothie Me!”

20160203_173808If you have been following me for any length of time, you have probably seem my passion in empowering women with practical healthy living solutions that are not time consuming AND produce results!! The busy ladies I work with – gain energy – find a positive community – and score some amazing tips they will carry into a lifetime!!

So don’t wait… those spots will be slurped up fast! < —- see what I did there 😉

To claim YOUR spot today, email me: Jessica@MyHealthyFitLife.com and include:

1) Your name & facebook contact info
2) Your Vegan or Combo Shakeology Kit preference

Here’s to vibrant health and getting lean in my 6-Day HallowLEAN Smoothie Challenge. 

XO, Jessica 



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