7 Simple Steps to Success with P90X

Want to get results with P90X? Of course you do or you wouldn’t have bought the program. As a graduate of multiple rounds of P90X, I wanted to give some advice to anyone who may be considering starting P90X for the first time on how to get through the 90 day program and get the results you are looking for. Or, maybe you are someone who has started and stopped P90X, for whatever reason, these 7 simple steps will help you complete a round of P90X, get results and hopefully instill a lifelong passion for health and wellness.

P90X results before and afterGet Results With P90X

Get Results with P90X – Step 1: Follow the Program

I am often amazed when I talk to people struggling with P90X. When I ask them to fill me in on what’s going on, I often find that they’re not following the program. They either do whatever workout they want on whatever day they want OR (and this is the big one) they follow their own nutrition plan! P90X is a comprehensive system that tackles all of the problems of a gym. It tells you what to do, when to do it and how long to do it for. It tells you what to eat and when to eat. ALL of the “thinking” is done for you. So please, DON’T re-invent the wheel here people.

Get Results with P90X – Step 2:  Be Consistent

You MUST “push play” and workout at least six days a week.  It WILL be a challenge in the beginning. This isn’t some aerobics class from the 70’s. This is REAL workin’ out. But the key is that you’ve got to Bring It everyday AND with intensity. “Going through the motions” will get you no where (in life or with P90X). So if you’re going to make the decision to do P90X then DO P90X!

Get Results with P90X – Step 3:  Maintain a Healthy Diet

I will admit it.  I was a little lost the first time I looked at the nutrition guide. All the phases and levels, it can seem quite overwhelming. One of the things that has really helped me to continue to eat healthy and not become bored with my diet is the Meal Planner available through the Beachbody Club membership. It takes all of the guesswork out of the nutrition part of any program.  Staying consistent with a healthy diet will get you 80% of your results.

Get Results with P90X – Step 4: Take your Supplements

The supplements I’m talking about taking are not some magic pills or potions that will help you lose 673lbs in 10 days. I’m talking about giving your body the fuel and nutrition it needs to perform at an intense level and also repair itself after a grueling workout. Personally, I use Shakeology (usually at lunch), Jack3d pre-workout for a little extra boost on “strength” days, Results & Recovery formula for post-workout to help restore my glycogen levels and start repairing my muscles, and a whey protein powder to give me a quick, low calorie, high quality form of protein anytime I need it.

Get Results with P90X – Step 5: Stay off of the Scale

With P90X you will be building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat so while you will be losing FAT you may not be losing weight because of all the strength building routines in P90X. During the beginning weeks of P90X you are “stoking the fire” of your metabolism. By staying consistent with your diet and workouts you are just building the fire and pretty soon your metabolism, that was moving along at a snails pace in the beginning of P90X, will be firing on all cylinders and you’ll be burning fat even while you sleep!

Get Results with P90X – Step 6:  Take Your Photos

If you do P90X, or any other Beachbody program, it is important to take your pictures when you start your program and every 30 days after that. This is important for two reasons. First, it helps you track your progress.  As I mentioned in Step 4, some times the scale is misleading. You may not be losing weight but you are losing FAT (and that’s the real goal!). By taking your photo, and comparing it to “you” 30 days ago, you will have an easy visual reference and be able to clearly see the improvements you’ve made each month.  Secondly, it will keep you motivated. With the scale possibly not moving as fast as you’d like, you might need some motivation to keep pressing play. A visual comparison that shows improvement is a great way to stay motivated.

Get Results with P90X – Step 7:  Write it Down and Stay Accountable

One of the keys to seeing improvement is using the daily workout sheets that comes with P90X (if you need more sheets you can always download them at teambeachbody.com). Even after several rounds of P90X, I continue to log my workouts and track my progress. One of the main reasons for doing this is time savings. I don’t want to fiddle around with different weights every time I go to do a workout. I want to know where to start and then try to improve on either the weight that I’m using or my rep count. Tony says it perfectly when he says, “How do you know what to do if you don’t know what you did?” Exactly.

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