Hello There! Welcome to my site!
mark and jessicaMy name is Mark Klanac. I started this website as a daily journal to remind me of what workouts I had been doing and to track my progress. I usually post to it a couple times a week as I do my best to stay on top of my own personal fitness.

Now for a little background on me. I grew up and still live in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH. Being healthy was not a big problem for me growing up because I did a lot of normal activities kids do like playing sports. My problem was getting into shape to excel at the sports I played. This went on through out my teenage years and then into college. I was never over weight but I should have been stronger and faster for the amount of sports I played. My theory at the time was that playing the games was my workout. This was wrong. I needed to workout to be ready for the game.

Not long after finishing high school I began to referee high school basketball. When I first started I would never warm up, stretch or prepare my body for the workout I was about to get. Everything was fine until a few years ago when I noticed that my knee would lock up a little after each game. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. Later, my shoulder would start to snap, crackle and pop during games. Again, I really didn’t think anything of it, I just figured I was getting old.¬† After over 2 years of worsening knee and shoulder pain I figured I better get checked out just to be safe. I went to a doctor and they told me that nothing was torn but that I had extremely tight hamstrings and my shoulder had lost some muscle which was leading to the pain I was having. At that point I started looking for home remedies and “cures” for the symptoms and pain I was having. Every answer that I found came back to the same thing, I needed exercise.
mark body beast infomercialAt this point in my life I was married with 3 kids. Going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer were two options that were definitely out of the question so instead I invested in a home gym. The workouts, like every other workout routine I had done, started out strong. I was consistent and getting stronger everyday. Then about 2 months down the road “things” started coming up and I was missing more and more workouts. The reality of it was I was bored with my routine. I needed something to challenge me, something to keep me excited and interested.

It was not long after that that a friend introduced me to the P90X workout. I was hooked from the beginning. This was the first time that I actually felt like I worked out after each end every workout. I would be drenched with sweat after every routine and would definitely feel it for a few days after. P90X taught me what real working out was all about. I enjoyed all of the workouts and could see major improvements.

I still work out with P90X and throw in other workouts like swimming, playing sports and biking. I referee high school and college basketball so staying in shape is a top priority for me now. In order to be a successful referee you need to be able to withstand years of running up and down a basketball court and the only way I am going to be able to do that is by being in the best shape possible. In the mean time I have signed up to be a Beachbody Coach. This way it makes me stay focused on my health while helping other people reach their fitness goals. If you want to get a hold of me you can reach me through my Contact page.