And Now… Vegan Chocolate Shakeology!

vegan chocolate shakeology

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard that right. There is a new addition to the Shakeology family tree – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology! But how does vegan chocolate Shakeology differ from regular chocolate Shakeology? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people will prefer vegan chocolate Shakeology over anything else.

What’s The Big Deal With Vegan Chocolate Shakeology?

So you may be sitting there reading this thinking, “Okay. So now there’s a vegan chocolate Shakeology, but what’s the big deal? They already had chocolate Shakeology. Do they really need a vegan chocolate Shakeology formula?” Well when I first heard the announcement of vegan chocolate Shakeology I thought the same thing. Is it really necessary to have two different formulas? Well, in my opinion, it is. And here’s why.

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology For Lactose Intolerant People

With the all new vegan chocolate Shakeology formulation, people who suffer from lactose intolerance can now enjoy all the great benefits without having to worry about their stomach getting upset. Now, just to be clear, I have only heard of a VERY few people who suffer from lactose intolerance that complained about the regular Shakeology since Shakeology uses a whey isolate which removes the lactose. However, there are some out there that would just rather have the peace of mind that there is absolutely zero dairy in the product. I get it.

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology For People Doing The Beachbody Ultimate Reset

One of Beachbody’s latest products, Ultimate Reset, requires that you are on a strict vegan diet for the final 14 days of the program. And while Shakeology is permitted during the Ultimate Reset, before vegan chocolate Shakeology came out, the only option was to use Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of the tropical strawberry Shakeology, however, there are A LOT of people out there who need their chocolate fix! And now, with vegan chocolate Shakeology, we can solve that problem for people doing the Ultimate Reset.

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology For Vegans

One of the biggest groups of people that are going to love this shake… are vegans! I know there are a lot of people out there, for health reasons or moral reasons, just simply do NOT want animal products in their food (even animal byproducts). And look, I totally understand. When I was doing the Ultimate Reset, I have to admit, I felt awesome! After going back to a “normal” diet which includes animal proteins, I feel a little more sluggish. But have you ever tried a vegan shake that has protein and grasses in it? If not, let me spare you the pleasure. LOL! Every vegan shake I’ve ever had has been nearly impossible to choke down. I think vegans are going to be pleasantly surprised when they try vegan chocolate Shakeology at just how smooth and tasty it is!

Welcome Vegan Chocolate Shakeology!

So after hearing the announcement about vegan chocolate Shakeology this past weekend at the Beachbody Coach Summit and after doing my research about it, I am definitely glad that Beachbody has added this to their product line. I think it will continue to open new doors for Beachbody to impact people’s health and will allow us as coaches to help more people live healthier more fulfilling lives!

Let’s hear from Shakeology creator, Darin Olien regarding the new Vegan Shakeology formulation –


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