Are P90X Supplements Just for P90Xers?

P90X® SupplementsBoy, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked, “Mark, do I have to be on the P90X program to use P90X products?” over the last year, I’d have at least enough money to buy dinner at a fancy restaurant. The short answer is “no.”

Here’s why P90X performance products are great for any fitness program from P90X to Turbo Jam to running, walking, or weight training.

  • P90X® Peak Health FormulaP90X Peak Health Formula (PHF) contains active ingredients that are in ActiVit, plus a variety of other ingredients chosen specifically to support performance. For example, it contains CoQ10 for energy and cardiovascular support, and “tocotrienols” (members of the vitamin E family), which play multiple important roles in supporting overall health. If you are serious about really stepping up your fitness and overall health, this is a serious product that will help meet your needs.
  • P90X® Results and Recovery FormulaP90X Results and Recovery Formula is sort of a two-in-one drink that’s one of my favorite products in our entire line. This recovery drink is effective for any exercise program because it contains ingredients that help with muscle repair, whether you’re stretching muscles with yoga or pushing them hard with extreme fitness workouts. It’s important to recover completely from rigorous exercise so you can put as much into, and reap better rewards from, all the workouts that follow. You can also drink it as a delicious energy drink to usewhile you are exercising. Maintaining peak energy while working out ensures you’ll be able to give maximum effort and get maximum results. You need energy, in the form of carbohydrates, for this to happen and a serving of P90X Results and Recovery Formula provides 43 grams of healthy carbohydrates to fuel your workout. Note: When you don’t want to take in as many calories during a workout, just mix it half-strength. You still get a great energy boost but with fewer calories.
  • P90X® Protein BarsP90X Peak Performance Protein Bars are an excellent snack or occasional meal replacement because they provide 18 grams of highly bioavailable (easily digestible) protein per bar. They satisfy hunger and taste great so they’re perfect for workouts like hiking. I keep these bars handy wherever I go.

Just like all the other Beachbody Nutritionals products, our P90X line is a great part of any fitness routine because it helps you keep up with your workouts so you will see—and feel—better results.

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