Beachbody Customer Lead Program

beachbody customer lead program

Free Customers!

One of the biggest perks of being a coach with Team Beachbody is the ability to qualify for the Beachbody customer lead program. This is an amazing program that not only adds customers to your business, but adds income to your bank account.

What Is The Beachbody Customer Lead Program?

When someone orders a product from Beachbody through one of their infomercials, or any of the other advertisements that they have (magazine ads, online ads, etc), the customers are asked if they would be interested in having a support person assigned to them to help them through their program. The customers that say “Yes” are then distributed to qualified Team Beachbody coaches.

How Do I Qualify For The Beachbody Customer Lead Program?

The most important thing to any business is their customers. Without them, the business has nothing. So in order to receive customers from the Beachbody customer lead program there are certain requirements that a coach must meet.

  • You must be an Emerald coach or above.
  • You must be a Team Beachbody Club member.
  • You must log eight real-time workouts into the WOWY Online gym in the preceding 30 days.
  • You must complete your profile in Team Beachbody with at least a bio and a “before” photo.

After meeting the above requirements you will start receiving customers into your business. I receive anywhere from 3-7 customers per week! What other company do you know that gives customers to their qualified representatives for free?!

Do I Get Paid For These Free Customers?

Yes and No. For any customers that you receive through the Beachbody customer lead program you do not get paid on their initial purchase or anything that they purchase within the first 30 days? Doesn’t seem fair? Why not? Beachbody spends over $125 million per year! They should earn a little of the money for their efforts right? But don’t worry, after the first 30 days, anything that the free customer that you received from the Beachbody customer lead program purchases you will receive 25% on. So, if they buy another program – 25%, purchase any supplements like Shakeology – 25% per month for as long as they continue to purchase those nutritional products. Pretty sweet huh? And the whole time you will have Beachbody continuing to market to these customers through weekly emails. How nice is that?!

But Wait! How Do I Get To the Emerald Coach Rank?

Ahhh Yes. I almost forgot. Getting to the emerald coach rank is the most important step in getting customers from the Beachbody customer lead program, but it’s not as difficult as you may think.   In order to advance to the level of emerald coach you need to personally sponsor two people into your business and place one person in each of your “legs” (See image below).

Each new coach must be “active” meaning that they are purchasing 50pv worth of products per month. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to find two people (one can even be your spouse!) who want to start using Shakeology. They get a discount on their Shakeology and you get two active coaches since Shakeology carries a point value of 90PV.

So…What’s The Catch?

Other than meeting the requirements above, there is no catch. Beachbody’s mission is to End the Trend of obesity. They realize that they already have the fitness and nutrition products people want, now they need to give people the support they need in order to be successful with their program and get the life long results they’re looking for (not to mention repeat sales from the same customer). It really is a genius concept.

If you’d like to learn more about the Team Beachbody coach opportunity and how you can start receiving these free customers than check out the information on how to become a coach. Feel free to email me if you have questions on either becoming a coach or the Beachbody customer lead program.


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