Beachbody Ultimate Reset – What’s In The Box?

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Are you curious about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset and what actually comes in the box? Well look no further! I will answer all your questions and dispel all the myths about what actually comes in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset kit. 🙂

Beachbody Ultimate Reset – What Does It Come With?

Well first things first, before we tell you what the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is actually going to do for you, let’s tell you what you actually get when you order the Beachbody Ultimate Reset kit. Better yet, check out this quick video where I show you exactly what comes with your order of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.


So, for those of you who don’t like to watch videos, here’s the breakdown.

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Kit Includes –

  • Six Supplements – Detox, Alkalinize, Oxygenize, Mineralize, Optimize and Revitalize
  • Participant Guidebook – 3 week eating plan with recipes, cooking tips, shopping list and more
  • Two DVDs – How to Reset – explaining how to get started and Cooking Class – showing you how to prepare healthy Reset recipes
  • Extensive Support – From me and
  • Reset Bracelet – A symbol and reminder of your dedication
  • Supplement Travel Pouch – Never leave home without your supplements

Ready for The Beachbody Ultimate Reset?

If you’re ready to take on this journey to completely reset your body and restore your health from the inside out then I want to help you. One of the biggest challenges with a new fitness or nutrition regimen is support. But not here! We will support you all the way through your 21 day Reset. And we’ll know how to help you because we will have gone through it ourselves! So shoot me a message on Facebook, let’s connect and let’s get you living a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life!

If you need help staying on track or finding the motivation to get started, sign up for your free Team Beachbody account so I can be your Free coach and then let’s connect on Facebook!


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