Body Beast Results – My 90 Day Transformation

Are people really getting results with Body Beast? Can you really pyut mass on at home? Well I’m here to tell you, ABSOLUTELY! Here are my 90 day Body Beast results.

Body Beast Results – The Numbers After 90 Days

So here are my official Body Beast results and numbers after 90 days of doing whatever it takes to put some mass on my naturally skinny frame.

Day 1

Day 90










Right Arm

15 1/8”



Left Arm

15 1/4”

16 1/8”


Right Thigh


23 1/4″”


Left Thigh


23 1/4″”



32 1/2”

33 1/2”



Body Beast  Results – My Before and After Pic

Body Beast results

What Supplements Did You Use to Get Your Results with Body Beast?

When it comes to supplements and adding mass, there are a ton of things you can use. Some are safe. Some are a little sketchy. I decided to play it safe and strictly use the recommended Body Beast supplements. Most of the Body Beast supplements were used for the post-workout shake (Fuel Shot, Base Shake, MAX Creatine) and Super Suma was taken twice per day.

The only other additional supplements that I have used during the past 90 days were Beachbody’s Energy & Endurance, Beachbody’s whey protein, Results and Recovery Formula (half a serving in my post-workout shake) and Shakeology.

When it comes to supplements the biggest tip I can give someone is to follow the Body Beast program as outlined. Use the supplements, follow the meal plan and you WILL get results.

To save on costs, I would HIGHLY recommend getting the Body Beast Challenge Pack. It has all of the recommended supplements and you’ll save about $40.

What’s Next For Me?

Keep pressing play! That’s what’s next! My goal is to complete another round of Body Beast and add another 5-10lbs of mass in this second round. Then, to start the year, I’ll incorporate more cardio to start shredding out for the spring/summer.

Body Beast Challenge Group

Interested in giving Body Beast a shot? If so then shoot me a message and I can get you info on our challenge groups that we run. You’re GOING to have questions and you’re going to want someone who’s been through the program to give you solid advice. That’s what we’re here for. Our support group is like none other with over 100 people currently going through Body Beast. It truly is the Beastiest group out there!

If you need help staying on track or finding the motivation to get started, sign up for your free Team Beachbody account so I can be your Free coach and then let’s connect on Facebook!


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