Build Mass With P90X

build mass with P90X

Build Mass with P90X

One of the common mistakes that I see people, especially guys, make is not doing P90X because they feel that it is only useful for losing weight instead of gaining mass. While it is true that most people start P90X with the intention of losing weight, there are many people, like me, that have gone on to build mass with P90X.

Can You Really Build Mass with P90X?

As you may already know, I was always considered a “hard-gainer.” Part of my problem was never being able to stick with a routine long enough to see any results, but another significant part of the problem was having no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t a personal trainer. I would just go to the gym, look around at what other guys were doing, and copy them. This is not the ideal thing to do. What if nobody is working the body parts that I want to on that particular day? I would have been stuck. Then came P90X.

How To Build Mass with P90X

I talked awhile ago about how I added 15lbs of mass with P90X. This time, instead of giving you my thoughts on how to do it, I found this excerpt from fitness expert Steve Edwards on how to effectively build mass with P90X. Enjoy.

-Excert From Fitness Advisor Steve Edwards.

The difference between what you’ll do here and what Tony says is no pacing. Do each set to failure (if you can add enough resistance), and try not to exceed 10 reps. I would suggest beginning with a weight you can only do 6 or so reps with. As soon as you hit 10 with that weight, add more. Of course, you’ll probably need to lower the resistance of the course of each workout.

Do these reps SLOW and in control. Speed is for power, but not size. Focus on perfect form and only add weight when you can do each rep with great form.

When you’re done… you’re done. You don’t need to finish an entire workout if you’re struggling. Once you lose the ability to move the weight or do the move in strict form, stop the workout.

I’m starting using X only.

Keep in mind that your caloric burn is based more on resistance than total movement. There is not nearly as much cardio and your average heart rate will be much lower than during Classic X. If you eat the same amount you may gain more mass but you’ll also gain more body fat. This might or might not be acceptable. Monitor your calories as necessary. Just make sure that you eat enough.

I will finish this with a ‘get ripped’ phase for those of you who choose to eat more in favor of mass and want to lose some body fat.

Phase 1 – 3 weeks

1 – Chest, Shoulders, Tris
2 – Cardio X
3 – Legs & Back (with no back)
4 – X Stretch, or X Plus Core
5 – Back & Bis
6 – Yoga X

Transition Week

1 – Core Syn
2 – Yoga
3 – Plyo
4 – X Stretch
5 – Core Syn
6- Yoga

Build Mass with P90X – Final Thoughts

So there you have it. The exact how to build mass with P90X strategy from the expert himself. My biggest piece of advice when trying to build mass with P90X is to be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you stick with it, you will build mass with P90X. Bring It!


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