Cardio X – A Hidden Treasure

I’ve been doing the P90X “Classic” routine for 11 weeks now. It was not until last week that I decided to pop in the Cardio X DVD. For the previous 10 weeks I was strictly following the Classic routine and never thought of mixing it up and doing the Cardio X routine instead of Yoga X. Before I popped it in I didn’t know what to expect. I was envisioning running in place for half an hour. *As a disclaimer I am not a “cardio guy”. Actually, I used to hate anything cardio related, until P90X that is.* When I started the Cardio X DVD I was pleasantly surprised to hear Tony say that it was a combination of Kenpo, Plyometrics, Yoga and Core. And what a workout it is. It starts off a little slow because you start off with Yoga but it sure does pick up. After Yoga you jump into Kenpo X which gets the heart rate up and really gets the juices flowing. Before you know it Kenpo X is over and it’s on to Plyometrics. You will be soaked at this point but you’re not done yet. Tony finishes the routine off with Core which really fires up your mid-section to give you the waistline you’re looking for.

I’ve got to hand it to Tony. He’s done it again. By combining a variety of exercises into one routine he provides a butt kicking workout while keeping you wanting to come back for more.

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