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Tropical Shakeology Review

Tropical Shakeology Review – A Few Surprises!

It’s FINALLY here! The long awaited flavor of Shakeology – Tropical Strawberry. This new flavor has been talked about for MONTHS since the Team Beachbody Summit event in June 2011 when we initially tasted it. In this post I am going to give you my thoughts and opinions of the new flavor, a complete Tropical […]

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Healthiest Meal of The Day = Chocolate Milk?

  Recently, while wasting time on Facebook, I came across a friend’s post where he posted a picture of his breakfast for the day. It’s a known fact that people who eat breakfast everyday are more likely to lose, and keep off, unwanted weight. So my friend posted a picture of the healthiest breakfast that […]

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Drink Your Water People!

  Water. It’s the foundation for every human being. We need it. And if we don’t have it, we die.  But in today’s world we have many options available to us to quench our thirst. There’s carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, sports drinks, juice, the list goes on and on. So, let me ask you, when you’re thirsty, […]

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Top Reasons to Use Shakeology If You’re In-Shape

Without a doubt, the majority of people that I coach on a daily basis are looking to lose weight. One of the first questions that I ask these people is, “how is your nutrition?” For most people, the “diet” portion of their workout program is the hard part. So, one of the easiest solutions to […]

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Skinny vs. Healthy

So you’ve made the decision to get in shape. Good for you! You’ve  started working out, you’re watching what you eat, and you’re counting down the days to taking your “after” picture just like the people you’ve seen in the infomercials. But there’s a slight problem. Odds are, that like most people, you have a […]

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