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P90X diet

P90X Diet Plan

The #1 question that I receive on a daily basis has to do with the P90X diet plan and how to decipher the nutrition guide. Well today, we are going to simplify things in the P90X¬†diet for you and help you create a diet plan that works for you and will get you results. If […]

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How To Choose A Meal Replacement Shake

Have you walked into a health food or supplement store lately to look for a meal replacement shake? If so, you most likely were overwhelmed with the number of products available to help you lose weight by replacing a meal. But how do you know which one is the best one? Should you take the […]

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Don’t Pay Retail for Shakeology… EVER!

So you want to buy Shakeology, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Next question is do you want to pay more or less? I thought so. But first, for those of you who love to pay more, if you have your credit card in hand and are ready to buy Shakeology, then just […]

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splenda- sucralose

Sucralose – Buyer Beware!

Recently I’ve been reading (more like skimming) ūüôā a book called Skinny B*tch. And while I do not condone the use of the profanity in the book, they make some really good points regarding nutrition. In the book there is a chapter called “Sugar is the Devil” where they expose the negative side-effects of sugar […]

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Shakeology Alternative – The Shocking Truth

On a pretty consistent basis I get asked if there is a suitable Shakeology alternative. When people ask about a Shakeology alternative, it is typically because of one concern, the cost. So with this post it is my goal to help you determine if there is a¬†Shakeology¬†alternative. Shakeology Alternative – Comparing Products When looking for […]

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