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mark body beast infomercial

Body Beast Calorie Counter

So you’re ready to “Beast Up?!” Well you’re in the right place! Here is my nutrition tracker that helped me gain 17lbs of mass in my first 90 days AND land a spot in the Body Beast infomercial! Click HERE to download the nutrition tracker. You may need to add or delete some of the […]

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nicholas s

Beachbody Success Story – Nicholas Loses 179lbs!

As a coach, I see transformation pics all the time. People losing weight, getting ripped and get “beasty”… and all of them are inspiring and motivating for me to keep pushing forward with my own fitness journey. But every once in a while you come across a story that makes your jaw drop. This is […]

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barely eating

5 Reasons You Could Be Gaining Weight

Are you doing a workout routine and GAINING weight? Do you feel like you’re eating good, following the program to a T and the scale isn’t budging? Do you tell yourself, “I’m barely even eating” and you’re still gaining weight? If so, then check out this article from my friend Steve Edwards. He is one […]

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Body Beast results

Body Beast Results – Phase 1 – BUILD

Wow! I can’t believe that I am already done with Phase 1, the BUILD phase, of Body Beast. That was probably the fastest 3 weeks of my life. I’ve gotta say, I am SUPER excited about my Phase 1 Body Beast results! As someone who STRUGGLES to gain any kind of mass, and will quickly […]

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body beast equipment

Body Beast Equipment: What Do You Need?

So you’re probably here because you’ve been looking at possibly doing the newest program from Beachbody – Body Beast. And after starting this program recently myself, I have to say, great choice! I’m only just beginning this workout and it’s definitely a kick butt workout! But you may have seen some videos about the program […]

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