Crashing During Your Workout?

Crashing. Bonking. Feeling nauseous. Getting “shaky”. Throwing up. These are all things that have happened to me during my P90X or Insanity workouts at one time or another. It’s not a fun experience.

But why does this happen?


Crashing During Exercise

I’m sure there is a much more scientific answer but it basically comes down to your calorie intake and your blood sugar levels. There is a great explanation of how this happens at Sagewood Wellness Center’s website if you care to read about it.

Basically, when you workout intensely for 40 minutes to an hour, the sugar in your blood is completely depleted (or at least it should be).  Since glucose (the sugar in your blood) is the promary source for fuel, by depleting this you literally have “nothing left in the tank” and you end up crashing.

How Do You Continue Your Workout When You’re “Done”?

My solution to making it through the intense workouts of P90X or Insanity is simple and I’ll explain what I do in more detail in the video below.

Now that you know how to get through your workouts without crashing you’ll be able to Dig Deeper and really Bring It!

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2 Responses to Crashing During Your Workout?

  1. Anela May 3, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    Hi I watched the video and thought it was very interesting. I do have a question though. Currently I’m doing the “Insanity” workout and I have to admit I’m not following the proper calorie intake that is desired for my body type, meaning it’s less than it should be. Getting to the question: I work out during the nights, usually around 10-11 P.M. and feel fine after but in the mornings I do feel nauseaus and occassionaly throw up. I was wondering if my nutrition would be the cause of that, or if it has to be something completely differernt? because you mention that nausea is common right after the workout.

    • Mark May 3, 2012 at 11:19 am #

      what are you eating in the morning? Working out at night shouldn’t have anything to do with being nauseous in the morning.

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