Do I Really Need to Take the Recovery Week?

You’ve started P90X. You’re in a groove. You’ve got some momentum going and now it’s time for the “recovery week”.

Bummer huh?

Do you really need to take that recovery week anyways?

Short answer, Yes.

Exercising with high intensity workouts like P90X, Insanity or ChaLean Extreme initiates the muscle-building process, and if you want to get the most out of your training program you should never miss a PLANNED workout. But in order to get the maximum benefit from your program you need a PLANNED recovery week. In this area, Beachbody thinks of it all.

While weight training is the key to stimulating your muscles for growth, it is the time away from the workouts where your muscles will recover and grow (assuming that you are giving your body the proper fuel it needs to recover and grow). The point of your recovery week is to let your muscles and your body recuperate from intense training. You must have high quality protein and nutrients in order to do this.

I know there are many people who feel that the recovery week that is worked into your program is a waste, but it’s not. Not only will your body get a much needed break, but the recovery weeks also provides an important mental break from the daily grind of an intense program.over trained

Taking a recovery week every 4-5 weeks (depending on the program) allows you to break up your training into phases or months instead of having a never-ending marathon of training sessions. When your workouts are broken down into 4-5 week phases, it makes your 60 or 90 day program go by so much faster because it is much more manageable. Having 30 day goals allows you to see improvement quicker and lets you hit those all-so-important mental milestones. **Note – your recovery week should be your mental reminder to take your transformation photos.**

Once you come to the realization that a recovery week is an important part of the muscle-building process, it is much easier to mentally accept. I love to “Bring It” more than anything, but I have learned to enjoy my recovery week as well.

Now, just because you are not training with your normal intensity of P90X or Insanity during the recovery week, it does not mean that you have to be a slug and lay around the house all day.

Go through your recovery week, keep pressing play and when you come back to your regular routine you will see some substantial improvements.

For help recovering DURING your 3-4 weeks of intense training, check out Beachbody’s Results and Recovery Formula. It gives your body exactly what it needs to do what it does best, recover.

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