Does Insanity Really Work?

does insanity really work

Does Insanity Really Work?

So you’ve seen the Insanity infomercial for the 23rd time. And now you’re really starting to wonder, “Does Insanity really work?” Well don’t stop now! We’re going to answer the question, “Does Insanity really work?” as well as talk about who the Insanity workout IS for and who the Insanity workout is NOT for.

What Is The Insanity Workout?

For those of you who may know (all 10 of you :-)) what the Insanity workout is, let me give you a brief rundown and description of it. The Insanity workout is a high intensity interval training workout routine. Shaun T and Beachbody call it Max Interval Training. Essentially it is intense cardio workouts for longer periods of time with shorter breaks in between. This forces the heart-rate to get up, briefly come down then shoot back up again. This style of workout burns more calories, even after you are done with the workout. Here’s a quick video that will give you a glimpse into Insanity.

Who Is The Insanity Workout For?

A lot of people ask me if I think they can do the Insanity workout and my response is usually “it depends.” Insanity it TOUGH! I went through 4 rounds of P90X before trying Insanity and after one workout I felt like someone had stabbed me in my calves! If you’re considering doing Insanity, you will want to be in somewhat decent shape already. In my opinion the Insanity workout is for you if you have that last 15-30lbs to lose, or maybe you need to lose more weight than that but you are super motivated, are an ex-athlete and use to super intense workouts! If you’re one of the above people, then by all means, give Insanity a shot. You will NOT be disappointed with the level of intensity and results you get.

Who Is The Insanity Workout NOT For?

Now I’m not saying that I am the end all, be all when it comes to qualifying someone to be ready for a program, but if I was in pretty darn good shape and was still struggling, someone who has 70, 100, 120lbs to lose will more than likely not even make it through the warm up. When someone asks me about a specific program, my goal is NOT to just make a sale. My goal is to truly help someone achieve their goals so they can live a healthier, happier lifestyle. So I’m not just going to push a certain program, I want to help you find the perfect program for YOU so that YOU can hit YOUR goals. Make sense?

So Does Insanity Really Work?

So now you know who Insanity is for and who it is NOT for. I could sit here and tell you how great the program is and how it will work for you. But instead of you hearing it from me, let’s check out a couple of success stories from regular people who have had awesome results with Insanity.

Alysia – In her 40’s. Mother of twins. Never thought she would have abs again.

Lloyd – Army veteran. Thought boot camp was the toughest thing he had ever been through.

Now, obviously Insanity isn’t for everyone. But if you’re up for the challenge and ready to commit, then it’s tome to make the decision to go for it!



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