Does Music Make a Difference in a Workout?

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Can the Right Music Help?

Can the music you listen to during your workout make a difference in your results? Just think, how many times have you turned on a particular song because it makes you think of something? Now think about how important the songs on your workout mix are to you. Music makes a difference and, in your workout, music can make a huge difference.

Workout Music Gets Scientific

Believe it or not, there have been studies done on the impact that music has on a person’s workouts. The studies have shown that the right music during a workout can act as a motivating factor to keep you energized. The studies have also shown that the right music also works as a distraction from negative factors such as fatigue.

Let the Beat Rock

If you’re more of a technical person, it’s the “beats per minute” (BPM) in a music mix that makes all the difference. The best workout beat for the average person has been shown to be somewhere between 120- 140 BPM. So for a more casual workout, such as a leisurely walk, 115-118 BPM is the right pace. For a serious cardio or extreme athlete, you’ll want to pump the music up to a quick 147-160 BPM.

Calculating Beats Per Minute

To find the BPM in a song you like, while listening to the song, try to isolate the drum beat. Then count the beats along with the drum beat for fifteen seconds (kind of like finding your heart rate). Then stop! Multiply your result by four and you’ll know the BPM of your song. Don’t feel like putting in that amount of effort? There are also a number of pre-made compilations (and even podcasts) that mix music specifically to be in the right BPM for workout mixes.

Workout Music – The Most Important Factor

In my opinion, the most important thing is that you like the music that you’re listening to and that it gets you motivated. Maybe for you that means that you want to listen to a musical ballad while you run. Is that unconventional? Yes. But if it works for you, that’s all that matters.

One of the things that always helps me with my P90X workouts is the music that is associated with each workout. If you listen closely, the music is always tied into the rep speed. Try to pay close attention next time you pop in a P90X DVD. This is something that helps me keep pace with Tony even if I’m not keeping my eyes on the TV.

Music is an important part of your workout. Whether it’s an in-home workout designed by a professional or run around the block, make sure your music mix is right for you!

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