Don’t Pay Retail for Shakeology… EVER!

So you want to buy Shakeology, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Next question is do you want to pay more or less? I thought so.


But first, for those of you who love to pay more, if you have your credit card in hand and are ready to buy Shakeology, then just click the link below this paragraph or click here.

However, if you’re looking to save some money when you order Shakeology, or if you’d like to learn about the super secret way to get an incredible discount on Shakeology OR how you can even get yours for free, then read on!

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How To Instantly Save $10 When You Buy Shakeology

Do you like spending more money than you have to? I don’t. So here’s a simple and easy way that you can instantly save $10 on your Shakeology order. When you go to order Shakeology, make sure you choose the monthly Autoship option. This will INSTANTLY give you free shipping which will save you about $10 or so in shipping costs. Choosing the monthly autoship means that you will get your Shakeology shipped to you each month so you’re never stuck without it. You can easily cancel it later down the road by contacting Beachbody (and they will not give you any hassles to when canceling).

So here’s the step by step instructions on how to instantly save $10 when you buy Shakeology

buy shakeologyI recommend the Chocolate Shakeology Flavor, but it’s totally up to you!

buy shakeologyI recommend the BAG since you get a full 30 day supply of Shakeology versus only 24 with the individual packets. Again though it is up to you!

buy shakeology

*This should automatically be selected, but make sure to choose the Monthly Autoship option so that you get the FREE shipping. Plus you get 2 bonus workouts with your first order and a convenient shaker cup your second month . Again, you can cancel at anytime.

buy shakeology

Click add to cart then checkout. Congratulations! You have successfully ordered Shakeology!

==>Click HERE To Buy Shakeology<==

Only Want to “Try” Shakeology for 30 Days?

I still HIGHLY recommend that you order Shakeology on the autoship plan. By ordering it on the autoship plan you will get free shipping and automatically save about $10, you’ll get free workout DVD’s, and you’ll get a free shaker cup your second month. If you do only want to buy Shakeology for just 30 days, you should still order Shakeology for the freebies and the free shipping. It will take you less than 2 minutes to cancel your next month’s shipment.

Want To Save Even More Money on Shakeology?

Check out my post on getting a HUGE discount on Shakeology to learn how you can save the most money possible. (and potentially even get your Shakeology for free!)

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