Focus T25 Sneak Peek

Looking for a review of T25 – Shaun T’s newest workout? Well here it is. And well…  it’s actually called Focus T25 (at least for now anyways).

Focus T25

Focus T25

Focus T25 Sneak Peek

As an ELITE coach with Beachbody, I had the special privilege of receiving a “sneak peek” disc from the T25 program. Core Speed was the name of the T25 workout that we all got and here is my review of it.

Focus T25 Review

First, all of the workouts in the T25 series are only going to be 25 minutes long. That’s the intent, hence T25. There’s no breaks. You go at your own speed and if you need to slow down, you slow down but the goal is to keep up with Shaun T and the others in the workout.

To me Focus T25, at least the Core Speed disc anyways, is like a hybrid of Insanity and Hip Hoip Abs. It’s an intense cardio workout with HIIT training but it also has a certain rythm to it that makes it feel like a choreographed dance routine.

I’ve got to say, so far, with the little I’ve seen with this workout, this is going to be a fun workout to do that is going to get you the results you are looking for.

When Will Focus T25 Be Available?

As of now, Focus T25 is scheduled to be released at this year’s Beachbody Coach Summit. Any Beachbody Coach will be able to pick up a copy hot off the press. If you’re not a Beachbody Coach, or not going to Summit, then Focus T25 will be available a couple of weeks after Summit.

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