Home For The Holidays

jessica retiredI am so thankful for this opportunity and the ability to be my own boss!

In most of my years since becoming a mom 15 yrs ago, I totally dreaded the holidays and this time of year because I was NEVER able to attend all of our family and extended family’s Christmas and holiday festivities due to my crazy RN work schedule.

Wow!!! I was TOTALLY missing out on a lot and my #1 priority…my family!

This is why I am so passionate about, and a Champion of Entrepreneurship, because I help FREE people (like me!) from modern day slavery. I help them move from being ’employees’ who work for someone else’s dream to Entrepreneurs who reclaim their time, freedom and happiness while honoring THEIR priorities, not their boss’.

Ask yourself (and your family and friends)…

jessica riseHow would it feel to:

1) go to work when you want to
2) share time with friends and family when you want to
3) express your creativity & put your thumbprint on your business
4) work from a phone – releasing you from a ‘cubicle’ life
5) determine your income
6) do so without the risk of traditional business ownership

2015 is The Rise of the Entrepreneur and Team Infinity is rising to New Levels! Who’s going to rise with us? YOU?

You CAN do it!!!! People NEED what you have to offer financially, physically, emotionally… don’t be afraid to reach out and share it with them.

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