How to Break the Addiction of Coffee

Coffee seems to be the beverage of choice for a majority of Americans nowadays. With the constant chaos of our everyday lives people need a “pick-me-up” every once in a while. Research shows that there are both positive and negative side effects to drinking coffee.

Coffee has been shown to decrease the risk of an individual acquiring Alzheimer’s. It also can increase a person’s short term memory and help with headaches. Coffee is also an extremely effective antioxidant. If a person can limit their coffee consumption to 2 cups per day these are some of the benefits that people can see from coffee.

Unfortunately, most people can’t limit themselves to 2 cups per day. With the consumption of more than 2 cups per day some of the benefits of coffee quickly get outweighed by the negative side effects.

One positive that quickly turns to a negative is the fact that coffee is a diuretic. While diuretics can help flush the body the can also cause people to become dehydrated and a lack of fluid in an individual’s body can cause constipation. Drinking coffee over a period of time can also stain a person’s teeth. Coffee has similar affects on teeth as nicotine. Drinking coffee can lead to a person developing yellow teeth and cavities, especially if large amounts of sugar are added to the drink.

The most obvious negative side effect of coffee is that it contains caffeine. Caffeine causes a number of health problems including sleep or anxiety disorders, elevated risks of Parkinson’s disease, breathing problems in infants, and caffeine dependency syndrome. Caffeine addiction is a vicious cycle that causes people who try to wean themselves off to experience headaches and other negative experiences.

So how can someone wean themselves off without crashing, getting massive headaches and having a lack of energy? Simple. Give your body the nutrition that it so badly craves.

A properly nourished body does not need a “pick-me-up”. Your body will have the vitamins and minerals needed to properly function in the fast-paced world that we live in. But, if your like me, you either don’t like to eat vegetables or don’t have the time, budget or stomach to eat everything necessary to get the amount of nutrients that your body needs.

So how can someone get the amount of vitamins and minerals needed to function properly without consuming pots of coffee? Again, simple. It’s called Shakeology and it’s nutrition simplified.

Shakeology contains over 70 different, healthy ingredients chosen from around the world that includes everything from protein and amino acids to digestive enzymes and anti-oxidants to vitamins and minerals. It is the healthiest meal of the day and an easy way to get your fruits and vegetables in one shake.

This video explains exactly what you would need to eat in a day to get the same nutritional value as 1 shake of Shakeology.

Here’s a great video comparing Juice and Coffee against Shakeology. As you will see, there is no comparison.

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