How To Get Paid For A New Year’s Resolution


Happy New Year!

Can you believe it? It’s almost time to make another New Year’s resolution. So, let me ask. How did you do on last year’s resolution? Do you even remember your resolution from last year? Was it to lose weight? Get in shape? Make more money? Take a vacation?

The Trend Ends Now

Every year millions of people declare a “New Year’s resolution.” They resolve to improve their life. Often times those resolutions involve improving their lives both physically and financially. Unfortunately, a vast majority of people never end up hitting their goals that they set out in the beginning of the year. Why is this?

Why People Fail

I believe that the reason people fail to hit the goals that they set for New Year’s, and throughout the year, comes down to two factors. The first factor is that their reason for achieving those goals is not big enough and the second factor is that they are not motivated enough.

Figuring Out Your “Why”

Why did you set the goals that you did last year? Was it because that’s what all of your friends were doing or did you really want it? And how bad did you want it? Until your reason for doing something, your “why”, becomes greater than any obstacle that you may face along the journey to¬†achieving¬†your goal, you will never hit it. You’ve got to want it BAD!

Lack of Motivation

The second reason that most people do not hit their goals is that there isn’t enough motivation. There’s nothing driving or pushing them to achieve their goals. A lack of motivation can derail some of the best goals and dreams.

Get Paid $650 for Achieving Your New Year’s Resolution

First, let me be clear. I cannot provide you with a big enough “why” for you to hit your goals and the resolution that you set last year, or plan on setting this year. That part is on you. However, I can provide a little bit of motivation and incentive for hitting your New Year’s resolution. And here’s how.

We all know that I believe in Beachbody’s programs and products not only because of the results that I have seen in my own life, but the results I’ve seen in others. So here is exactly how I can help YOU get paid for hitting our own goals.

Beachbody’s Success System

Beachbody’s 3-legged stool of success includes fitness, nutrition and support. To help people achieve the success they’re looking for, Beachbody has begun bundling their fitness programs with their top selling nutritional product, Shakeology, and access to their support forums and meal planning tool. They call them “Challenge Packs.” So here’s how it works for you.

Step 1. You commit to improving your health and fitness by choosing the challenge pack that you want to start with.

Step 2. You find 5 other people (friends, family, co-workers, etc) to join in a holiday challenge with you.

But wait, just by picking a challenge pack and referring it to your friends isn’t going to get you paid! BEFORE you purchase your challenge pack you need to sign up to become a coach with Team Beachbody. Becoming a coach gives you access to Beachbody’s referral program where you can get paid for referring it to others.

And get this! When you sign up to become a coach AND choose a challenge pack, the initial, one-time sign-up fee of $39.95 is completely WAIVED! That’s right! You can become a coach for free!

So How Do I Get Paid?

Now when you refer the same pack that you purchased to your friends who get involved, you will earn anywhere from $50-$70 per person depending on the pack that you choose to conduct the challenge pack with. For example, choose a program like P90X, Insanity or Turbo Fire and you will earn $70 per person that joins your challenge AND a residual of $30/mo as they continue with Shakeology during the challenge. That comes out to $650 for a three month challenge!

So how’s that for some incentive and motivation?

Here’s a quick video of CEO, Carl Daikeler explaining the Beachbody Challenge in more detail.

Have questions? Send me an email and we’ll answer all of your questions.

Here’s to the best New Year ever!

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