Is My Healthy Fit Life Taking A Turn?

For the last few years, many of you have come to this website looking for tips and help on getting in shape, nutrition help and help getting through in-home fitness programs like P90X, Insanity and Turbo Fire. And while both Jessica and I will continue to give you helpful information to help you physically, we have come to realize that there are much BIGGER things that people, including us, are dealing with and need help with!

So What Will This Website Be About?

The name of this website is My Healthy Fit Life. But having a Healthy Fit Life doesn’t mean JUST physically. Our goal with our new direction is to not only continue to give you awesome fitness and nutrition tips but also share with you information that can help you relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Information that will help you, just as it has helped us, with your relationships with your spouse, kids, boss, etc.; ideas on how to make and KEEP more money; and ideas that will help you grow spiritually. We’ll be sharing our own personal experiences as well as the experiences of people that we have come to know very well.


So Are You Relationship Experts?

Both Jessica and I wear many hats throughout the day. From mom and dad to nurse and coach. But one of the things that we are NOT are experts or “gurus” on the topics of relationships, finances or God. Our main goal with adding these new topics to our site is to just share our experiences, what has helped us and also let you know that you are NOT alone with some of the things that you may be dealing with!

Will You Still Help Me Get In Shape?

One of our biggest passions is helping people change their lives, physically. So our mission to End the Trend of obesity will NOT stop. We will be continuing on our OWN physical journey and transformations and we invite you to join us for the ride!

I look forward to continuing to share our journey of life with you all and I look forward to hearing about many of YOUR successes throughout this next year as we ALL continue to grow!!

God Bless.

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