Is P90X the New Workout “Standard”?

Let’s play a game. I will give you a scenario and you finish the scenario. Ready to play? Let’s go.

When you have a runny nose you grab a…. what? Kleenex. Correct.  When you need to write a note and stick it to something you grab a… Post-It. Correct again. When you have a cut that you need to cover you grab a …. Band-Aid. When you want to search the internet for a specific subject you…. “Google” it.

What do all of the products that I have listed above have in common? They are the “standard” in their particular product line. Think about it. What is Kleenex? It is a BRAND of tissue paper. What is Band-Aid? A BRAND of bandages. What is Google? A search engine.

P90X – A Workout Standard?

Ever notice some of the advertisements for different workout programs, gyms or personal trainers?  Many will compare themselves to P90X claiming faster or better results. Why is this?

In my opinion, it is because P90X has become the STANDARD for workout routines. It has stars, celebrities, athletes and even politicians talking about it. It has become a social phenonomon.  But why? Because it works!

P90X Changed the World of Workout DVDs

P90X sweatin to the oldiesIn-home workout DVDs used to be one thing and one thing only, aerobics – think Richard Simmons and “Sweating to the Oldies.” They all had some sort of dance or kick-boxing component but never any weights. They claimed to give you results with no real work. All of that changed with P90X.

Beachbody and Tony Horton decided to create a gym-like atmosphere in your home… and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. They were blown away with the response that they received from people when they introduced a program that claimed to be intense, brutal, hard-core, would completely kick your butt but in the end, you would get RIPPED! And the P90X revolution was born. People willing to destroy their bodies to get amazing results and in the best shape of their lives.

In P90X Tony Horton claims that Plyometrics is the “mother of all P90X workouts.” I’m here to say that P90X is the “mother of all in-home workouts.”

==>Try P90X Risk Free<==

Don’t believe me? Beachbody is so confident that P90X will absolutely work for you that they are willing to let you try the entire program RISK FREE! THat’s right. Try P90X for an entire 90 days and if you don’t like it or don’t get the results you’re looking for then send it back and get a 100% refund (minus S&H).

Are you ready to take on the X? You better be ready to “Bring It!”

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