Shakeology Safe for Pregnant Women?

One of the joys of life is having children. While having kids is a blast, pregnancy can be scary, especially for first-time moms. A lot of pregnant women ask me, “Is Shakeology safe for pregnant women?” We know many women who have used Shakeology before, during and after pregnancy but let’s look into some of the facts about Shakeology and help you determine if Shakeology is safe for you during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins

Most, if not all, women take some form of prenatal vitamin during pregnancy. This is usually prescribed by the doctor, and the goal is to give your body an extra boost of vitamins during pregnancy because it is working overtime to create another person inside of you. Essentially, a prenatal vitamin is a multi-vitamin with some extra folic acid, calcium and iron.


Shakeology, is essentially a multi-vitamin plus a ton of other things (anti-oxidants, probiotics, protein, phytonutrients, adaptagens… I could keep going but I’ll just have you check out the nutrition facts for Shakeology :-)). Many new moms that I have talked to eliminated their prenatal vitamins during pregnancy by using Shakeology in their daily nutrition regimen.

Prenatal Vitamins vs Shakeology During Pregnancy?

While Shakeology wasn’t around for my pregnancies, I sure wish it would have been. Even though I choked down those horse pills, aka prenatal vitamins, faithfully, they did nothing to curb food cravings or help me control my weight gain during pregnancy. Gaining 50+lbs with each pregnancy, which is what I did, is not what you want to do. Gaining that much weight can put you at risk for gestational diabetes but even worse, it can put your baby at risk for conditions like jaundice, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), respiratory distress, and other conditions.

Give Your Baby What It Needs

“You are what you eat?” We’ve all heard this statement made many times throughout our lives, but it’s even more important during pregnancy. Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy will give your baby the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs to fully develop. Likewise, indulging in ice cream, donuts, processed and greasy, fried food all day long, just because you’re pregnant, has the exact opposite affect. “Eating for two” is a common pregnancy misnomer.

Shakeology or Prenatal Vitamins?

While it is always important to check with your doctor, based on the conversations that I have had with moms who have used Shakeology throughout their pregnancies, and the research that I have done on how the ingredients contained in Shakeology positively affect your body, I would feel safe using it during pregnancy as a substitute for my prenatal vitamins. Not only will you be getting the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs, but you’ll be able to control your weight to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

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2 Responses to Shakeology Safe for Pregnant Women?

  1. Lori April 12, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    I am pregnant and was interested in shakeology as just an extra boost. I thought this would be a great idea. The thing I am concerned with (after much research, of course) is the amount of Vitamin A in Shakeology and herbal supplements. It is not safe for pregnant women to take an excessive amount of vitamin A, due to risks of birth defects. If you look at prenatal vitamins, they have a very low amount of this and shakeology seems to have 100%. Herbal supplements are never safe for pregnant women either. Please do not suggest that women take this without really consulting their doctors and really looking at the risks that they could be taking. If you are set on taking Shakeology during pregnancy and would like to take that risk…go right ahead but I will be waiting until this 9 months is over to take Shakeology.

    • Jessica April 12, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      Thanks for the comment Lori we truly value your opinion! And congratulations on your pregnancy! I absolutely loved being pregnant so enjoy it! You’re absolutely right that every pregnant woman should consult with their doctor to find out what is right for them. I’ve spoken with many women who have used Shakeology during pregnancy and breast feeding and none of them have ever had an issue. You may need to add a little extra folic acid but that’s about it. And while I am sure there are many differing opinions on herbs and nutritional products, based on my own research and experience working in the hospitals, I feel MUCH more confident in using things that include natural ingredients because your body can actually use those for what they are intended for as opposed to getting wasted, or even rejected, by the body. Best of luck to you and your new baby!

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