Is Ultimate Reset Just Another Detox Program?

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Just Another Detox Program?

As my wife Jessica and I have been going through the Beachbody Ultimate Reset you may be sitting there asking yourself, “Is the Reset just another detox program?” Let’s take a closer look at the Ultimate Reset and typical a typical detox program to compare and contrast the differences.

What Is A Detox Program?

So first, let’s talk about what a detox program actually is and what a it’s supposed to do for your body.

A detox program is typically used to help people eliminate toxins from the body. Whether it’s alchohol, drugs, medicines that they’ve been on for a prolonged time or environmental toxins, a detox program will help eliminate all of that.

Now, when most people I talk to hear the work “detox program” they immediately think, “butt blast”, and I totally understand why. Typically when someone goes to a supplement store like Vitamin Shoppe or GNC, the detox program that they have there are intended to clean out the colon. So what does that mean? All I can say is be prepared to sit by the toilet for a few days and make sure you stock up on toilet paper!

Why Is A “Butt Blast” Detox Program Not Healthy?

Most people think that a “butt blast” detox is the way to go. Clean out the colon, get rid of the “sludge”, etc. But here’s why you do NOT want to do a detox program like this. Your body is smart. By taking products that artificially force your body to poop (Yes. I said poop. :-)) your body will soon learn that it no longer needs to perform that function anymore. You’ll just take a pill to help it do that.

Then, after your brain learns that it doesn’t need to worry about proper colon function anymore, it stops doing it. So what happens? You get backed up again and are forced to do another “butt blast.”

How Is the Ultimate Reset Detox Program Different?

When I explain how a “butt blast” works, the next thing that people typically ask me is, “So how is the Ultimate Reset detox program different?”

Well, to put it clearly, then Ultimate Reset is NOT a butt blast!

The Ultimate Reset is a specially designed detox program to help you eliminate toxins from your body the natural and safe way. No loading up on fiber pills. No laxatives. You will use natural supplements combined with whole foods to gently eliminate toxins from your body.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out my earlier post: Beachbody Ultimate Reset – What’s In The Box? I’ll show you exactly what will come with your Ultimate Reset detox program and be sure to check out our daily video diaries about the different meals that you’ll be making on your Beachbody Ultimate Reset.

Detox Program vs Ultimate Reset

So, now you know the difference between what most people think of when they hear “detox program” and the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. If you’re considering doing the Reset detox program, when you order through this website (you’ll find the Ultimate Reset under the SUPPLEMENTS tab), my wife and I will be your personal coaches. We’ve been through the Reset ourselves so we will know exactly what you’re going through and exactly how to help you get through the 21 days, and you’ll be glad you did!

If you need help staying on track or finding the motivation to get started, sign up for your free Team Beachbody account so I can be your Free coach and then let’s connect on Facebook!


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