Jack3d Review – Worth It or Not?

Jack3d Review

Jack3d Review

Jack3d is one of the most popular pre-workout drinks among people who are looking for that extra burst of energy in their workouts. I’ve tested and tried a lot of pre-workout supplements and I’d like to offer my opinion and Jack3d review.

My Jack3d Review

3 Things  To Look For in a Pre-Workout- Jack3d Review

I have three things that I primarily look for in a pre-workout supplement. First, does it give you an energy burst to help you lift longer, go harder, and lift more? Second, how does it make me feel during the workout? Third, does it let me “crash” after the workout? I rate these three questions on a scale of 1 to 10 and I’ll give you my review and findings below.

Jack3d Energy Burst – Jack3d Review

When you use Jack3d as a pre-workout supplement, there is no denying that you definitely get an energy rush about 15-30 minutes after you consume it. While conducting my Jack3d review, I tracked the weight and reps for the exercises I did. In each and every workout I noticed a sizable increase in reps, weight and stamina.  For example, in my P90X Legs & Back routine, I went from doing 70-75 pull-ups during this routine, to doing 125- 130 pull-ups!! Yeah, it gave me a boost. For energy burst, I score Jack3d at a 10.


Jack3d Workout Effects – Jack3d Review

In my Jack3d review, I used this product for an entire month, NOT just a single use. I wanted to feel what happened on multiple workouts, working different body parts, at different times of the day. The first thing that you will notice shortly after taking Jack3d is a “tingling” sensation. People I have talked to experience the tingling in different ways, but for me, it typically starts off in my hair, then goes to my nose and fingers. This is actually the beta-alanine kicking in so don’t panic when this happens. It’s normal. If you don’t like the tingling sensation, you can lower the dosage. The flexibility that Jack3d offers is nice. 1 scoop for a little energy, 3 scoops for maximum energy. For workout effects, I score Jack3d at a 9. I’m a fan of the “tingling” feeling but I know some others aren’t.

Jack3d Post-Workout Crash – Jack3d Review

During my month long Jack3d review, one of the major disappointments for me was the big “crash” that I felt post-workout. I am used to being wiped out after an intense P90X workout but while using Jack3d it seemed more noticeable. There were times where I literally felt like falling asleep shortly after a workout! And if it wasn’t for my Results and Recovery Formula, I think I would have! For the post-workout crash, I rate Jack3d at a 5.

Final Thoughts – Jack3d Review

Overall, I would rate Jack3d very high when it comes to other pre-workout supplements. With an overall score of 24 it is definitely one of the best for getting an energy burst and increased intensity during your workout. If you can live with the post-workout crash, you will probably rate Jack3d higher than I have.

I will be reviewing more pre-workout supplements throughout the year so stay tuned!

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