Learn to Run Your Own Race

envious-womanDo you compare yourself to others? Of course you do. We ALL do. Whether it’s our careers, family life, house, car or fitness level, we all compare ourselves to others in some shape or fashion. “I wish I had her shoes.” “I wish I had a bigger house like so-and-so.” “I wish I had a 6-pack like Mark.” Ha! Had to have a little fun with that one but you get my point.

But is it so bad to compare yourself to someone who you aspire to be like/look like? No… and Yes.

Comparing Yourself To Someone Else

Comparing yourself to someone else’s status or fitness level can be a huge driving force in motivating you to reach new goals, attain greater success (both personally and professionally) and just become a better person.

But it can also have a downside.

Comparing yourself to others too often can have a negative effect on YOUR attitude and drive. If you are NOT reaching your goals you may become depressed thinking, “I’ll never be that good” or “I’ll never be that fit.”

Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Learn to run your own race. Use others as motivation but realize that we all come from different starting points.

Run Your Own Race!

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