My Supplement Bag

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get has to do with supplements. Which ones do I take? Which ones should they take?

Shouldn’t I Just Eat “Real” Food?


Now, before I get comments and messages saying that supplements are worthless, you should only eat real food, let me clarify something. I believe that you should eat as much food as possible, as often as possible. BUT, there are very specific times when supplements come in handy and can be very useful. Post workout supplements are a great example. They are very effective at getting your body the proper nutrients in time to take advantage of the critical 30-minute recovery window by replacing your glycogen (blood sugar) and giving your muscles a boost for muscle re-synthesis.

Where’d All The Nutrients Go?

Another good example of a “necessary” supplement is a health product like Shakeology. After doing a TON of research, I can say with a good deal of confidence, that the food that we eat everyday is not NEARLY as nutritious as it needs to be to give our bodies the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to give us enough energy and fight off disease. Adding a supplement like Shakeology to your daily regimen is the absolute best way to give your body what it needs to keep you healthy without resorting to bottles and bottles of pills.

My Supplement Bag

So here’s a quick look into the daily supplements that I use everyday. I’m not saying that all of these supplements are right for everyone but this is what works for me.

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