My Wife’s Fitness Journey

I want to write this post as a congratulations to my wife, Jessica.

For her entire life, Jessica has always been “thin”. But not necessarily healthy.

Jess had always been athletic and involved with sports throughout high school. She never really worried about what she ate because she wasn’t particularly worried about weight gain.

After our first son was born, Jessica bounced right back to “pre-baby weight”, what seemed like instantly (I’m sure it took a few months though).

After our second son was born, the weight took a little longer to fall off but she never got back to “pre-baby weight”.

Then, 20 months later, our daughter was born.

With each pregnancy my wife gained 50+lbs. Here’s a picture of her just before our daughter was born.

I think she looks great. But she didn’t feel great.

After our daughter was born, the weight just didn’t seem to fall off like with the first two.

So she started running a little, paying a little attention to what she was eating but the “pouch” left behind from the pregnancy just wouldn’t go away.

So, in July of 2009, my wife and I started our fitness journey with P90X. After being introduced by a friend of mine I decided to give it a try and Jess was more than willing to give it a shot with me.

“Whatever it takes to get rid of ‘this'”, she would say.

Off we were with P90X.

I literally almost puked on day 1, Chest & Back, but Jess listened to Tony and paced herself.

Though we didn’t follow the P90X Nutrition Guide to a “T” during the first round, we definitely saw results.

Now, a few rounds later, and by disciplining herself through proper nutrition and adding Shakeology into her nutrition plan for lunch, Jess has lost her “baby pouch”.

“But you’ve always been thin” is something that my wife will here from old friends that see her now.

That means NOTHING!

After 3 – 10lb babies, gaining 50+lbs with each pregnancy you STILL have to work hard to get back to “pre-baby” form. And she definitely did that.

So for all of the women and moms out there (and even guys) who aren’t seeing IMMEDIATE results, I want to stay, stick with it. Keep pressing play, everyday. Make the decision to commit to a workout program and eating right and you WILL have success and get the results you are looking for, guaranteed.

Congratulations babe! Way to Bring It!!

If you’d like to have my wife help you get back to “pre-baby” weight visit Fit Mom of 3 and sign up for a Free Team Beachbody account.

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