P90X/ Asylum Hybrid – Day 1

After going through the entire Insanity: The Asylum program I have decided to go back to my “foundation program”, P90X. But this time I will be doing the P90X/ Asylum hybrid as outlined on the Asylum calendar that comes with the program.

P90X/ Asylum hybridSecond Attempt At the P90X/ Asylum Hybrid

After being away from my home for 17 of the previous 20 days, my workout routine slacked a little. I was only able to workout about 2 days per week and I really felt like I was regressing in my fitness journey. So I decided to wipe the slate clean and start over with the P90X/ Asylum hybrid program.

P90X / Asylum Hybrid – Day 1

Day 1 of the P90X/ Asylum hybrid is Chest & Back. Old faithful. This is probably one of my favorite P90X workouts. It is such a classic, but it “works ya” every time. Throughout the many rounds of P90X that I have done I have mixed it up and increased the intensity by adding things like a weighted vest to my routine. For today’s workout I went basic.

Getting back into the routine was not easy today. Coming off of a butt kicking workout at our local Fit Club, my body was sore. But I put the DVD in, pressed play, did my best and forgot the rest… and this workout was definitely one to forget. For some reason, I felt sluggish during the workout. I didn’t hit a max on any of the exercises and actually went unusually light on some of the weighted moves. But hey, we all have those days. This is no time for feeling sorry for myself. I brought it and that’s all that matters.

P90X/ Asylum Expectations

Insanity: The Asylum was one of my favorite programs. It comes in a close second to P90X at the moment. I love the total body workouts and how Shaun T pushes you. I’m expecting the P90X/ Asylum hybrid to be a great combination and I would encourage everyone to give it a shot.

If you’re looking for a new challenge, give Insanity: The Asylum a shot. You will not be disappointed.

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