P90X Chest & Back

P90X Chest & Back

P90X Chest & Back

Are you curious about the P90X Chest & Back routine? Well let me help you out and give you a little glimpse into the workout. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape. That was until I met the P90X Chest & Back routine. While I had worked out in a gym for many years before P90X, nothing in the gym prepared me for what was to come with this workout.

P90X Chest & Back – Back to Basics

The P90X Chest & Back workout is all about getting back to the basics. As in basic training. As in military boot camp. And although I have never been in the military, I have friends who are and they can attest to the intensity of this routine. P90X Chest & Back is so simple it’s almost stupid that it hurts to much! It’s basic. It’s push and it’s pull. Nothing fancy. But it’s non-stop and if you really “Bring It” you WILL be close to puking.

Why Is P90X Chest & Back So Intense?

The P90X Chest & Back routine takes you through an intense sequence of back to back push-ups followed by pull-ups. There are a few sets of back rows with dumbbells or resistance bands but for the most part it is push-ups and pull-ups.  I think the intensity of the routine comes from the pace at which Tony pushes you. Any time I have done a chest & back routine in the gym it was typically do one set of bench press, get some water, chit-chat with my buddies while taking a 5 minute break. Then comes set number two. With the P90X Chest & Back workout routine you take VERY minimal breaks. The longest breaks are thirty seconds, MAYBE a minute but no more than that. And I think the combination of push-ups with pull-ups really intensifies the routine. For some reason, for me, ANY routine involving pull-ups pushes me close to the edge.

P90X Chest & Back “Tip of the Day”

If the first round of push-ups and pull-ups during the P90X Chest & Back routine weren’t enough, Tony really pushes you to the limit by going through the entire routine a second time! So here is my tip to you, from experience, when Tony gives you the “tip of the day” to “pace yourself” I suggest heading his warning. When I first heard his warning my first thought, as a “fit” 28  year old guy was, “Whatever Tony! You’re 45 years old. There’s no way I’m not going to be able to keep up with you guys.” How arrogant was I?!!

P90X Chest & Back -1. Me -0.

When I didn’t listen to Tony’s tip of the day, I pushed myself. I was humming along during that first round of the workout but when I got to halfway through the second round, it was as if someone sucker-punched me in the stomach. I started getting light headed, dizzy, fingers started tingling and I had to sit down. When my wife asked me if I was okay, I quickly responded, “No! Turn this thing off!” P90X Chest & Back definitely got the best of me on day 1. So if you pick up just one thing from this post, it’s listen to Tony!

Secret Weapon To Crush P90X Chest & Back

Not long after I started P90X I found a secret weapon that has helped me push through P90X Chest & Back as well as all of the other P90X routines. What is it? The P90X Recovery Drink! Seriously, this stuff is friggin’ amazing! It has the right ratio of carbs to protein to help keep me pushing myself and giving me the energy to complete the workout! If you haven’t tried the Results & Recovery Formula then I would HIGHLY recommend giving it a shot. And make sure you get it on auto-ship so you can make sure you don’t run out! (Trust me on this one. Once you try it, you will never want to be without it!)

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P90X Chest & Back is definitely my favorite P90X exercise routine… I’m just glad my wife is a nurse. 🙂

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