P90X + Jack3d = Results City

Jack3d Supplement ReviewA couple months ago I felt I had reached a plateau with some of my P90X workouts. The weight I was pushing was about the same. My pull-up and push-up strength was about the same. I was looking for something to help me push through to the next level.

One day while surfing around online, I found Jack3d.

Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement made by USP Labs that you take roughly 30 minutes before you workout. The claim is that it will give you a boost with your workout by providing “Ultra-Intense, Muscle Gorging Strength, Energy Power & Endurance.”

For roughly $40 I figured Jack3d was worth giving a try. I purchased the Tropical Fruit Punch flavor from a local vitamin store and when I brought it to the register the guy at the register couldn’t stop raving about it. Now my curiosity was peaked.

I tried it as soon as I got home. I read the directions and mixed 1 scoop – since this was my first time – and started to set up my living room for Chest & Back. Chest & Back is my personal favorite of the P90X workouts. It’s so basic, it’s push and it’s pull but man-oh-man does it WORK ya.

At the end of the workout I was pretty excited because I had increased my rep count in EVERY exercise.

I started really tracking my results and over the next few weeks of using Jack3d I had to buy more weight and had dramatically improved my rep count in each and every workout. Even with Legs & Back, which is my least favorite workout because I feel like I’m going to puke every time, I increased my pull-ups by 52 total reps in just 3 weeks!

Where There Any Side Effects Of Using Jack3d?

Yes. I was warned about the “tingles” ahead of time so I knew those were coming. About 15 min after I took Jack3d my face and hands started tingling and I started to get a little jittery. I knew it was “Go time.” My face also felt a little flush and my head started to itch – the itching sensation went away as I started to workout.

**Warning – Do NOT take Jack3d after 5pm or you will not be able to sleep – I learned this the hard way.

What About The Black Box Warning Label?

“This product may produce an intense sensation of focus, energy & awareness. In addition, it can allow for rapid increases in strength, speed, power & endurance. Therefore, extreme caution must be exercises & should not be used by novice athletes. Use with caution under strict dosing protocols.” I would have to agree with all of this. Am I a novice athlete?

I’ve read a few other reviews on Jack3d, some for and some against it. For me, I give it a 2 thumbs up. I really like the energy rush and the results that I have gotten from it. If you’re looking to break through a plateau or just want an energy boost before you workout then I recommend Jack3d.

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  1. JP January 2, 2013 at 6:41 pm #

    I am thinking about using jack3d and P90X. How did you recycle jack3d? I have heard 4 weeks on and 4 off or 3 weeks on 1 off. What do you recomend?

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