P90X Plyometrics

P90X PlyometricsThe P90X Plyometrics workout routine is “The Mother of all P90X workouts.” Regardless of what activity or sport you do this routine will help you perform better. While there has been a big push over the years to move to low impact workouts to prevent injury Tony seems to disagree with this theory. He stresses that if you do not exercise the muscles you need to you will be more prone to injury. Take knee injuries as an example (and I know this first hand). If you do not stretch and strengthen the muscles around your knee you will have nothing that will support your knee when you are on the ski slopes or field or court when you go to jump, land or pivot.

Plyometrics is commonly called jump training. During the one hour of the workout you will be doing a lot of jumping around the room. You will need a little bit of space when doing this workout. You will not need any weights when doing Plyometrics because you are using gravity and your body weight to provide the resistance. This is beneficial because you need to be able to get your own body weight around first before you start incorporating free weights.

Some of the exercises involve jump squats. What this entails is you jumping as high as you can and coming down to touch the floor. This will go on for about thirty seconds non stop. Oh yeah, you do this exercise and its variations about four different times. Your legs are going to be burning and those are just the first fifteen minutes of the workout. Lunges will work on every muscle in your leg and it doubles as a balance posture. Your quads and calfs will get the brunt of the workout and all of those little connector muscles around your knees.

The P90X Plyometrics workout will get you doing some side to side lunges and run stance speed squats. By getting off of the ground you are training your body to get comfortable in the air and working on your balance. Your whole body has to work together on these moves to make sure you do it properly. You will be twisitng and moving for the whole thirty seconds and then you switch it up to work on the other side of your body.

Plyometrics will give you some of the biggest results out of all of the P90X workouts. You may not be able to see the results when you strike a pose but when you get out on the field, court, dance floor, mountain, or whatever you do your legs will thank you for doing P90X Plyometrics. If you are looking for a specific workout to help with your legs then sign up for a Free Beachbody Account and look at the other workouts available in the Beachbody Store.

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