P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout

The P90X Shoulders and Arms workout (shoulders, biceps, triceps) is one of my favorite workouts. One of the reasons that I like this routine is that we get to use real weights, not just body weight, and also because it hits the “glamour muscles” very well. It’s a great combination of moves and allows you to hit your muscles at all angles.

Getting Results with P90X Shoulders and Arms

One of the big concerns that a lot of guys that I talk to have about P90X is the assumption that you do not use any weights for P90X. This is a huge misnomer and as you’ll see in the video below, the P90X Shoulders and Arms routine is designed to get you results!

P90X Shoulders and Arms – The Real Deal

So, as you can see, the P90X Shoulders and Arms routine is nothing to mess around with. It uses real weights, or bands, and will get you real results, as long as you’re ready to bring it!

One of the best feelings in the world is the feeling that you get after an intense workout knowing that you just gave your all. With the P90X Shoulders and Arms routine I definitely get that feeling. There are times when I am working so hard that it is nearly impossible for me to even hold the weight. I am trying as hard as I can but the strength in my grip just gives out and I almost drop the weight! That’s how I know, I brought it!

Are You Ready To Bring It With P90X?

Now that you’ve seen a little glimpse into one of the P90X workout routines, what are you waiting for? You know you want results and you know that P90X can deliver those results. So are you ready to Bring It?! Let’s do this!





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