P90X+ Week 1 Review

Well, after 4 rounds of P90X we’ve finally graduated to P90X+. I was a little nervous changing programs because I love P90X so much but a little diversity is never a bad thing.

Starting P90X+ has been a humbling experience. I forgot how much of a learning curve there was when we first started P90X. With so many new moves the first few days were pretty long. We basically would watch Mark Briggs and Traci Morrow do the moves, reverse the DVD, then do the moves ourselves. A little time consuming but I’m definitely looking forward to week 2 and beyond now that I know the moves.

For those of you that don’t know, P90X+ is the next step after you have completed P90X. It introduces new moves to aid in the “muscle confusion” and also cranks up the intensity.

There are only 4 disks that come with P90X+. You get Upper Plus, Total Body Plus, Interval X Plus and Kenpo Cardio Plus. There is also an Abs/Core Plus workout on some of the DVDs.

If you’ve completed P90X and are ready for the next level than check out P90X+ for a new challenge.

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