P90X is a 90 day workout program that will challenge every muscle in your body. What makes each P90X DVD so successful is that it introduces the concept of “Muscle Confusion.”

While most people do the same workouts over and plateau their results, muscle confusion limits the bodies ability to get used to it. How this works is by doing a number of different workouts over a 90 day period. During that time period you will be doing a set number of workouts the first 30 days, the next 30, and the final 30. Your body will not have a chance to get use to the workout so it has to adapt.

To do P90X you will need the P90X Workout DVD, a pull up bar, and resistance bands or dumbbells. Buy Shakeology and the P90X Recovery Drink to help lose weight and increase energy while doing the P90X Workout DVD on a daily basis.


P90X Workout DVD

12 Extreme P90X DVD Workouts.

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P90X Results Package

Everything you need to do P90X

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The P90X Workout DVD

Disc 1 – Chest & Back – Targeted chest and back workouts.

Disc 2 – Plyometrics – Jumping cardio routine that improves athletic performance.

Disc 3 – Shoulders & Arms – Extreme combos of press, curl, and fly movements.

Disc 4 – Yoga X – Strength, balance, & flexibility enhances physique and mind.

Disc 5 – Legs & Back – Squats, lunges, pull ups for a total-body workout.

Disc 6 – Kenpo X – Punch & kick to improve endurance and coordination.

Disc 7 – X Stretch – Works on athleticism, prevent injuries, and avoid plateaus.

Disc 8 – Core Synergistics – Build muscle groups while conditioning your core.

Disc 9 – Chest Shoulders & Triceps – Pushes your upper body to the brink.

Disc 10 – Back & Biceps – Flex those biceps and tone those arm muscles.

Disc 11 – Cardio X – Low-impact fat burning cardio routine.

Disc 12 – Ab Ripper X – Sculpt the 6-pack abs of your dreams.

Each P90X Workout DVD Comes With

P90X 3 Phase Nutrition Plan – Meal plan that helps you through P90X.

P90X Workout Guide – Shows what workouts are on each P90X DVD.

Free Online Support Tools- Access to fitness experts and peer support.

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