P90X2 Is Done! My P90X2 Review

P90X2 review side bridge with leg lift

Side Bridge w/ Leg Lift

Well it’s official. I am DONE with P90X2! I had my last P90X2 PAP Upper workout today and that was it! So what were my P90X2 results? What did I like? What did I dislike? What’s next for me? I’ll fill you in on the answers to all of those questions now with my P90X2 review!

P90X2 Review – My Results

My initial goal going into P90X2 was to put on a little more muscle. To bulk up a little. I had no idea what to expect with the program and so I figured, if I put on 17lbs in my first 90 days with P90X, I can probably put on another 10lbs with P90X2. Well, that didn’t really happen. My total weight gain after going through the entire program was 4lbs. But as a small disclaimer, I did experience a minor stomach bug that made me lose about 7lbs in about a week! (yeah, it was crazy)

But the scale doesn’t really tell the tale of all my results. Some of the P90X2 results that I noticed were small things that I never even paid attention to before. Things like balance, coordination, agility, core strength. Usually most people want to see if their arms and shoulders are getting bigger, and while mine definitely got more defined, I’m loving the other improvements that my body made!

P90X2 Review – What I Liked

p90x2 results

Plank on A Med Ball

Overall I really liked P90X2. With a closer P90X2 review I have to say that it was totally different than P90X and I’m glad they did it like that. Some of the things that I liked in P90X2 were the complexity of some of the moves. Moves like 4 ball push-ups, impossible push-ups, levers, etc. I also really enjoyed the PAP workouts – PAP Upper and PAP Lower. I loved the combination of strength moves, explosive moves and isolation moves. One of the big improvements that I noticed was in my hip flexor strength. It was pretty awesome to see!

P90X2 Review – What I Disliked

Like I said, for the most part, I really liked P90X2. The only part of the program that I wasn’t really crazy about was Phase 1 – Foundation Phase. While I thought that some of the moves in the Foundation phase were challenging, I felt like it moved a little too slow for me. As a grad of multiple rounds of P90X, Asylum and other workouts, I would have definitely shortened the amount of time I spent in the foundation phase next time.

With that said though, I feel like the Foundation phase is a GREAT way for someone who is in shape but hasn’t necessarily gone through P90X to get accustomed to some of the moves in P90X2 and build up a good fitness foundation. For that purpose I feel like P90X2 was put together a little better than P90X where you just jump right in to intense workouts! 🙂

So What’s Next?

Next on the agenda for me is a BREAK! Well, not really. Both my wife and I will be doing the 21-day Beachbody Ultimate Reset. It’s a 21-day detox where you completely reset and restore your body from the inside out. One of the things that I am most nervous about with the Ultimate Reset is that there is no working out for the entire 21 days! But overall I think it’s going to be great. 21-days to remove all of the toxins that have been building up in my body over the last 3 decades.

Stay tuned for updates to my journey with the Ultimate Reset.

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