P90X2 Is Here!

For many P90X lovers this is a day that has been much anticipated. The release of P90X2… and it’s HERE! Well sort of… Let me explain.

P90X2 Release Date – Fall 2011

P90X2 Ultimate KitBeachbody announced in June, at the annual Summit event, that P90X2 will be out in the fall of 2011. Facebook, Twitter and all of the other social networks have been buzzing with this information since then. Speculations on when it would be released, what would be in the program circled the rumor mills. Then, Beachbody announced that P90X2 will not be released until DECEMBER! You could just feel the wind getting sucked out of P90X fans everywhere. But wait! Another announcement… you’ll be able to pre-order P90X2 in September to guarantee yourself a copy in December! So, now it makes sense. The fall release is actually a pre-release where you can pre-order P90X2 and reserve a copy. Man, these marketing guys at Beachbody are geniuses.

P90X2 – Now What?

So what should you do now in anticipation for the December release of P90X2? You should pre-order it! By pre-ordering it you will guarantee that a copy of the program will have your name on it. This program WILL sell out and you do not want to be the one left “holding the bag.”

P90X2 – Where Can I Pre-Order It?

So where’s the best place to pre-order P90X2? The absolute best place to pre-order the program is through this website. Why? Well because I’ll make a commission, that’s why. Ha! But seriously, there are a ton of benefits that you will get by ordering through a Team Beachbody coach as opposed to Beachbody.com.

P90X2 Pre-Order Bonuses and Prizes

By pre-ordering P90X2 through this website you will receive:

  • FREE shipping & handling (a $40 value)
  • 2 bonus workouts ($40 Value)
  • Entry into weekly drawings for prizes like P90X gear, etc.
  • Grand prize – have the man himself, Tony Horton, hand-deliver your copy of P90X2 to you house! (You must have done 26 lying tricep extensions…lol!)

So what are you waiting for? Go to this link –> P90X2 – and reserve your copy today!

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