P90X2 PAP Upper Review

P90X2 PAP Upper

P90X2 PAP Upper

More Post-Activation Potention. Oh yeah! Well we’ve already discussed what the P90X2 PAP Lowerroutine is all about. Now let’s talk about the P90X2 PAP Upper routine. Are you curious as to what is in store for you with P90X2 PAP Upper?

P90X2 PAP Upper – What Is It?

From the workout guide – “The same complex training format as P90X2 PAP Lower, but this time it’s focused on you upper body.  Remember when you were a kid, bouncing around, jumping fences and climbing trees?  Post-Activation Potentiation training will help bring back your youth.  Over time you will feel loose, springy and younger.”

Unlike my P90X2 PAP Lower workout, I kind of had an idea as to what to expect with P90X2 PAP Upper. Now, I didn’t know what to expect as far as the moves go, but I now understood with PAP was and was expecting some upper body strength moves followed by upper body explosive moves followed by stability/ isolation moves. And that is a nutshell is what PAP is all about. Strength, explosion, stability and isolation. This type of workout not only helps you to build muscle, but also connect everything together so that it is functional out in the real world.


P90X2 PAP Upper – What To Expect

In this workout, we are focusing on your entire upper body. Chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps. It all gets worked in this routine. This routine is quickly becoming one of my favorites. In the P90X2 PAP Upper routine, some of the moves you can expect to do are towel pull ups, renegade row (probably my favorite move), plank on a medicine ball along with other moves that will challenge you to not only use your strength, but use your flexibility.

P90X2 PAP Upper – What You’ll Need

What you need for P90X2 P.A.P Upper: Foam Roller (optional), bands, stability ball or towel and sturdy chair,weights or bands, 1 medicine ball (optional), weighted bar or broomstick or towel, chin up bar or bands with door attachment, chin up max or sturdy chair, 2 hand towels, plyo box or sturdy chair, water and towel.

Here’s a quick video preview of what you can expect from P90X2 PAP Upper. Enjoy!

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