P90X2 – Phase 3 – Week 2

Current Progress

This week went much better when it comes to the P90X2 PAP workouts. I am getting A LOT better with many of the isolation moves, especially the Tony Triangle and Side Bridge Leg Lift. (Those KILL me!) However, many of the moves in the P90X2 PAP workouts are still a killer!

Modifying P90X2

One of the things that I have done to modify some of the moves in P90X2 is increase the weight and decrease the reps. For example, with the Step-Up Convicts, I use either 25lb or 30lb dumbbells and instead of doing 8 reps per leg, I’ll do 6-7. I also will do them a little slower than they do in the video to really concentrate on getting the move right.

My Goal

Again, my goal over the next 90 days is to add about 12lbs of muscle onto my frame. As a “hard-gainer” this can be tough to do. It takes a lot of calories to gain weight and sometimes, my stomach just won’t take in any more food! But if I can get my weight up to 190 lbs I think that would be a pretty successful round of workouts.

Stay posted on my progress as I will update you weekly.

If you’re not familiar with the challenges that I run, let’s connect on Facebook and then send me a message simply stating that you’re interested in learning more about the Beachbody Challenge. Don’t worry, I won’t be twisting your arm to join my challenge, but if you’re SERIOUS about getting in great shape and throwing away the excuses, then you need to message me asap!

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