vegan chocolate shakeology

And Now… Vegan Chocolate Shakeology!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you’ve heard that right. There is a new addition to the Shakeology family tree – Vegan Chocolate Shakeology! But how does vegan chocolate Shakeology differ from regular chocolate Shakeology? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people will prefer vegan chocolate Shakeology over anything else. What’s The Big Deal […]

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buy Shakeology

Should I Buy Shakeology?

Getting into shape requires a lot of a person. They need to put the time and effort into every single day to get the results they crave. This can be difficult for any person, especially one who finds it challenging to lose the weight. This is when some help can come in handy! Even if […]

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shakeology frozen oat bars

Shakeology Frozen Oat Bar

As a mom and self-proclaimed health nut, I’m always looking for good healthy snacks for my family. I have tried lots of ways to sneak fruits, veggies and extra nutrient-dense foods into my meals, many without luck. (Ask my kids how good the black bean brownies were 😉 I love black beans but even I […]

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War on Debt? It’s On!!

We’re all familiar with war. It’s never a pretty thing. We have the war on drugs, the war on terror and most recently, the war on women. But one war that you never hear talked about much is a War on Debt. Why is that? Is it because we love debt as a nation? Is […]

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P90X Results for Women

Getting Those P90X Results

Looking to get P90X results? Well you’re in the right place. More and more people in the world are looking to acquire their desired body shape. Whether it be a tight and muscle prone figure or if it is to simply trim a few pounds off of their bodies.  With the amount of different workout […]

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