P90X nutrition plan

P90X Nutrition Plan and Eating Out

The P90X Nutrition Plan – Is it possible to eat out every once in a while while also staying committed to the P90X nutrition plan?  So let’s say you’re working overtime at your job, it’s late, you’re hungry. You know that NOT eating is not an option but the only thing around is a restaurant […]

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Jack3d Review

Jack3d Review – Worth It or Not?

Jack3d is one of the most popular pre-workout drinks among people who are looking for that extra burst of energy in their workouts. I’ve tested and tried a lot of pre-workout supplements and I’d like to offer my opinion and Jack3d review. My Jack3d Review 3 Things  To Look For in a Pre-Workout- Jack3d Review […]

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A Dream Vacation

In July of 2009 I started on a journey to improve my fitness with P90X. Never in a million years would I ever imagine that a simple decision to purchase a home workout program would change my life in so many ways. With this post, I want to give you just a glimpse into how […]

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How To Get Better Results with P90X

P90X. Have you heard of it? If not, you’re probably living under a rock and not able to read this post anyways. But okay, so you have P90X, you’ve “tried” it, but you want to get better results with P90X. What can you do? Well, in my 2+ years of doing P90X I have a […]

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Tropical Shakeology Review

Tropical Shakeology Review – A Few Surprises!

It’s FINALLY here! The long awaited flavor of Shakeology – Tropical Strawberry. This new flavor has been talked about for MONTHS since the Team Beachbody Summit event in June 2011 when we initially tasted it. In this post I am going to give you my thoughts and opinions of the new flavor, a complete Tropical […]

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