What’s The Difference Between P90X and P90X2?

  So Mark, “What’s the difference between P90X and P90X2?” This has been a common question I have been getting recently with the upcoming release of P90X2.  My answer – “P90X2 will truly take your workouts and your results to the NEXT level!” P90X vs P90X2 Like most Beachbody programs, P90X2 was created to get you fit.  […]

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holiday eating

3 Tips To Stay On Track During The Holidays

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, it’s not my birthday but thanks for thinking of me. It’s the holidays! Yes, they’re here. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away then Christmas, then New Years, and, I already know what you’re thinking. “Get ready to pack on the pounds and go jean […]

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Introducing The Beachbody Challenge

  This year’s Beachbody Challenge is going to be bigger and better than ever! Beachbody is committed to ending the trend of obesity in the United States, and we’re going to do this by getting 1,000,000 people involved with the Beachbody Challenge. What Is The Beachbody Challenge? The Beachbody Challenge are small groups (typically 5 […]

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Drink Your Water People!

  Water. It’s the foundation for every human being. We need it. And if we don’t have it, we die.  But in today’s world we have many options available to us to quench our thirst. There’s carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, sports drinks, juice, the list goes on and on. So, let me ask you, when you’re thirsty, […]

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Top Reasons to Use Shakeology If You’re In-Shape

Without a doubt, the majority of people that I coach on a daily basis are looking to lose weight. One of the first questions that I ask these people is, “how is your nutrition?” For most people, the “diet” portion of their workout program is the hard part. So, one of the easiest solutions to […]

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