Focus T25

Focus T25 Sneak Peek

Looking for a review of T25 – Shaun T’s newest workout? Well here it is. And well…  it’s actually called Focus T25 (at least for now anyways). Focus T25 Sneak Peek As an ELITE coach with Beachbody, I had the special privilege of receiving a “sneak peek” disc from the T25 program. Core Speed was […]

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massive legs

How To Get Massive Legs

Do you have “chicken legs”? Have you always wondered how to get massive legs? How some guys, like you, have a hard time gaining size in your legs yet others walk around with huge thighs and huge calves? Well you’re not alone. I feel your pain. I’ve been working out for a few years now […]

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barely eating

5 Reasons You Could Be Gaining Weight

Are you doing a workout routine and GAINING weight? Do you feel like you’re eating good, following the program to a T and the scale isn’t budging? Do you tell yourself, “I’m barely even eating” and you’re still gaining weight? If so, then check out this article from my friend Steve Edwards. He is one […]

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Body Beast results

Body Beast Results – My 90 Day Transformation

Are people really getting results with Body Beast? Can you really pyut mass on at home? Well I’m here to tell you, ABSOLUTELY! Here are my 90 day Body Beast results. Body Beast Results – The Numbers After 90 Days So here are my official Body Beast results and numbers after 90 days of doing […]

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body beast meal plan

Body Beast Meal Plan Help

Have you started Body Beast but are a little confused about the Body Beast meal plan? Are you looking to start Body Beast and want to get off to the right start with the Body Beast meal plan so you maximize every day to the fullest? You’re in the right place my friend! I’m going to […]

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