Parents! Include Your Kids in Your Workouts!

My wife and I have been committed to improving our own health and fitness for over 2 years. Recently starting our 10th round of P90X, we realize that the goal of exercising is not the destination, but more importantly, it’s the journey. One of the biggest impacts that P90X has had on our lives is the way that our kids now approach fitness.

Exercise Is A Part of Our Lives

Our kids have watched us workout in our home for a long time. Watching us workout on a daily basis has ingrained the idea into their heads that fitness is a daily activity. It’s not a “whenever I feel like it” activity. It’s daily. Throughout the week, we often have one or more of our kids join us for our workout. They enjoy working out with us and I feel that doing activities like this builds a bond between a parent and a child that can never be broken. Here’s a little clip of our 5 year old, Olivia, working out with my wife… Turbo style!

Children Benefit From Exercise Too

We all know the benefits of exercise for adults (weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, etc) but we often neglect the thought that our kids need just as much exercise. We have become a society complacent with letting our kids do whatever they want even if that means sitting in front of the tv or xbox for 8 hours per day. The result of this neglect is a childhood obesity rate of almost 20%! This is unacceptable in my eyes and I don’t blame the kids, they don’t know any better. I blame the parents!

Time For Parents to Step Up!

With 1 our of 3 adults considered obese, it is not a┬ásurprise┬áthat our children are on the same track. But why aren’t parents more vocal or active in making changes for their kids? I mean, they see what being obese has done in their lives. Is that the life that they really want for their kids? Most parents that I know want their kids to have a better life than they have/had. But what are they doing about it? Apparently nothing. Well parents, it’s time to step up! Get control of your weight and your health. Make it a part of your family’s life. Be the leader of your pack. Don’t tell your kids to exercise, do it with them!

We Need Help

I hope that this post has motivated you to take action in, not only your own life, but your kid’s lives. As a society we cannot let the obesity claim our kids. I refuse to let it happen. If you feel as passionate as I do about the importance of health and fitness, especially in the life of our kids, then I would love to talk to you. I am looking for people just like you to help End the Trend of obesity and help others live healthier, happier lives. If this sounds like you, then check out a short video that I put together explaining what a Team Beachbody Coach is and does. After watching the video, if joining us in the fight against obesity sounds like something that you would be interested in doing then send me a message and let’s schedule a time to talk. We can End the Trend of obesity, but we need your help!

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