Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe

Roasted Root Vegetables

A few years ago, while doing a 21 day whole food detox, I discovered this Roasted root vegetable recipe that is to die for!!


I never knew root veggies could be so tasty!! Our whole family loved this dish and we learned so much about the benefits of whole food nutrition during this 3 week cleanse. I also lost 9lbs during this 21 day cleanse, but more importantly, broke a serious sugar and caffeine addiction (thanks to 15 years of working night shifts).

This side dish has become a staple in our diet. It’s so good!

Here’s the recipe for 4 servings, but I usually double that and keep it in the fridge to eat a few times a week.

Roasted Root Vegetables Recipe


1 medium sweet, washed & cut into 1 inch chunks

2 large carrot, washed & cut into 1 inch chunks

2 large beet, washed & cut into 1 inch chunks

1 yellow onion, peeled & cut into large wedges

4 tsp. extra virgin olive oil

Himalayan salt (to taste)



Preheat oven to 400 degrees

In a bowl, toss all ingredients together

Spread on a cookie sheet

Bake for 40-50 minutes or until tender, turning once or twice to preventing burning

I really hope your whole family enjoys this Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe as much as we do and if you do end up making this for you and your family, please let me know… comment below or reach out to me on facebook.  

XO, Jessica 



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