Skinny vs. Healthy

So you’ve made the decision to get in shape. Good for you! You’ve  started working out, you’re watching what you eat, and you’re counting down the days to taking your “after” picture just like the people you’ve seen in the infomercials. But there’s a slight problem. Odds are, that like most people, you have a misperception about the difference between skinny and healthy.

I Hate How My Thighs Look In This Skirt...

Is Thinner Better?

In America,  we’re constantly bombarded with images of models and movie stars who take the “thinner is better” motto to the extreme. We’re shown unrealistic views of what the we should look like and those images impact us greatly. So, when we begin a weight loss and workout program, many times our expectations for where we should end up are not where they should be.

Skinny vs. Healthy

There is a huge difference between healthy and skinny. Where your body is at its healthiest may not actually be its skinniest. In fact, that is the case for most of us. Keep in mind that you will be at your healthiest when you have some good muscle tone. But having muscle is going to mean that there’s going to be some “meat” on you. Don’t worry though, it’s an attractive, desirable meat. It’s not the skin and bones look that people often start out going after.

Focus on Size, Not the Scale

Losing weight, and specifically fat, is just a by product of doing the right things to improve your health. As you start on your journey focus on being as healthy as possible, eating right and taking the right nutritional products, something like Shakeology, to supplement any nutrient deficiencies you have. People who only focus on the number on the scale are setting themselves up for failure because the scale lies. You may be down two pants sizes but the scale hasn’t budged. How can that be? You’re losing fat! And that should be the goal.

This is why taking pictures of yourself every 30 days is so important. You may not “feel” thinner but when you look at an old picture you will definitely see the difference.

Building Muscle to Burn Fat

It’s not enough to diet or start a cardio routine, building lean muscle mass is just as important to creating your most healthy body. By building muscle and doing strength building exercises you are literally tearing your body down so it can rebuild itself, and by doing this you force your body to burn calories 24 hours per day!

There are a number of workouts that combine cardio with strength and muscle building to help you build the muscle that your body needs. Beachbody offers something for everyone. From beginner, with programs like Slim in 6, Turbo Jam and Power 90, to extreme athlete with programs like P90X, Insanity and Asylum. Use the Beachbody comparison chart to help you figure out which program is best for you to help you build your healthiest body.

We Want Healthy NOT Skinny…

However you do it, always remember that your best size may not be the smallest size possible. Healthy bodies aren’t always the skinniest bodies and if you measure your success by nothing but how skinny you get, you’ll miss out on the best benefit of a weight loss and workout program – a healthy you!


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